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PTAH Council Awards London – Celebrating the contribution of great individuals past and present that have made a difference in our communities.

About us

The PTAH Council is a collective group who came together in December 2015 to honour and award those in the community, local and International, especially the unsung heroes, that have enlightened the World through inventions, music, dance, adornment, attire, spirituality, architecture, mathematics, biology, cosmology, science and so much more.

Founded by Yashmal Amen, Chairman of the PTAH Council, who not only knows the importance of honouring our Ancestors but of also showing gratitude to those who continue to awaken people through their own gifts of Creativity.  It is for this reason that the Council has brought into being the ‘PTAH Council Awards’, which celebrates the contributions of those great individuals, past and present, who have stood on their square and made a difference in their communities all over the world. 

The time has come to recognise, acknowledge and award those special people that made a difference to advance humanity and make the world a better place.

We appreciate you

Yashmal Amen


I, Yashmal Amen – Chairman and Founder of the PTAH Council, have always been passionate and interested in uplifting people who are and have contributed in helping to changing and shape our society, for the enhancement of humanity.

 Unfortunately, some of these people have been overlooked and consequently been forgotten about. This is the reason behind the formation of the PTAH Council: to establish and have in place a system to recognize, honour and award those people who are committed to enhancing the world at large. 

The goal of PTAH Council is to bring truth, justice, harmony, balance, order, reciprocity and prosperity, where it is most needed and it is our duty, as we are called to stand 10,000 feet high, to have the perfect view and use Ma’at as our template.And we will never be forgotten like our great Ancestors.


Khemra Kida Ra


Greetings family my name is Khemra Kida RA and I am the creative director of the PTAH Council.

When I came through the star gate (my mother’s womb) and made my first appearance, once that great light hit my eyes I knew there was much work to be done and I was the being who was going to make a difference using the tool of creativity.

The stories of my ancestors were speaking to me in sound colour, vibration, patterns, light, energy, shape and form. It is my destiny to continue with this spiritual language of codes and vibrations.

My sceptre is my creativity and I will use it to remind the Gods and Goddesses of their own GREATNESS.

Ras Ijah


Now that a lot of us are conscious a lot of us need to take the next step in consciousness and we the PTAH Council want to be amongst the leaders in initiating the next step, being business minded at all times and with all your dealings with others groups.

I am Ras Ijah, of the PTAH Council. My function and responsibilities is that of the Treasurer. I also contribute to the every day running and development of the Council Policies.

Abenah Seshat


Pleasant Greetings, My name is Abenah Seshat.  

‘Life is beautiful – You are life

Communication is the connective energy where everything functions in life. Just like the great Ancestor ‘Seshat’ I feel I have a duty to ‘scribe’ and ‘communicate’ for the benefit of humanity. Accepting and taking on the responsibility as the Secretary of the PTAH Council, I am living that truth.

I am dedicated to and will ensure we duly recognise those deserving of the PTAH Council Awards.

Acknowledge yourself and work towards a higher existence and awareness through knowledge and communication that will uplift and empower you mentally, physical and spiritually.

Peace Love Light Happiness, xx



Greeting Beautiful family.

My name is Yaah Tayet and I am a member of the Ptah Council.

Hailing my mother as my inspiration during my childhood, I developed a passion for both cooking and garment design. Ignited with a deep passion for these fields, I bring over 3 years’ experience of design and tailoring within the couture field. 

Growing up watching and helping my mother to cook has also given me the tools needed to further utilize my creativity through a culinary avenue.

I ultimately believe that I have been given this life path by my ancestors as a means to showcase the best of my talents as part of my soul.

Love and Guidance always

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